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Business continuity refers to the capability of an organization to restore its operations to normalcy in the wake of an eventuality. The barometers to measure business continuity preparedness of an enterprise are the time taken to move to normality and the cost incurred.

In these uncertain times, business continuity on demand is what every enterprise is striving to achieve. Essentially, they need to ask certain basic questions to gauge their level of preparedness in the wake of intended or unintended damage. How accessible and secure are the resources vital to our business? How long will it take to re-create such information in the case of an incident? What is the cost incurred? What’s the expected downtime?

QuantM offers the essential reserve your business needs to ensure its continual run in the wake of a problem beyond your control. We offer a consistent and automated approach to business continuity. We collaborate with you to devise an effective contingency plan based on your requirements. Whether the need is to keep vital data intact, to ensure timely and secure backups, or to implement a full disaster recovery solution, QuantM has the keys best suited to your needs.

QuantM offers the following services as part of business continuity on demand requirements of an enterprise:

  •  Managed Hosting
  •  Data Backup Services
  •  Managed Security Services
  •  Monitoring Services
  •  Managed SAN and NAS Services
  •  E-mail and Collaboration Services
  •  Data Migration Services
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