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QuantM’s expert talent capability is structured as a shared services model, whereby the work is performed in a QuantM owned and operated Delivery Center. Our clients have the flexibility to outsource a role, a project, or a process.

When your talent management strategy dictates having a expert talent channel alternative to traditional staffing, consulting or global offshore, then QuantM’s network of Delivery Centers is the talent alternative.

Our client’s today, leverage QuantM’s delivery centers to:

  • Balance their talent strategy
  • Optimize their contingent workforce spend
  • Gain access to talent without having to have a physical presence in every market
  • Increase talent capacity and bandwidth in a variable cost model
  • Manage and mitigate business, operational, and HR-related risks
  • Transfer real estate and infrastructure costs

QuantM provides the resources, infrastructure (physical and network), training, consultant performance management, ongoing professional development and oversight to insure that the outsourcing relationship is effective. We operate as an extension of your overall resource value chain with the ability to flex up and down based on your business needs.

When your balanced talent management strategy dictates outsourcing of roles, projects or processes, QuantM’s delivery centers provide the resources, infrastructure (physical & network), training and oversight to meet all of your requirements. QuantM can become your cost-effective, talent strategy execution partner for expert talent outsourcing.


We enable our clients to access contingent workforces so they can flex, adapt and surge as their business environments dictate. In addition to providing talent, QuantM operates as a seamless extension of your resource value chain to assume responsibility for sourcing, fulfillment, and management functions associated with securing additional talent. These value-added services, coupled with training and on-boarding support, are embedded within our model for outsourcing roles to delivery centers.

Consider outsourcing ROLES when your organization needs to:

  • Create balance across your talent strategy.
  • Access talent without increasing your fixed cost structure.
  • Manage reputational, human resource and/or operational risks.
  • Scale your contingent workforce to support a specific initiative or business-as-usual activity.
  • Lower your total cost of labor by leveraging alternate talent strategies.

We align our delivery approach with your organizational processes, tools, technologies and culture, enabling your company to easily integrate our delivery centers’ resources and infrastructure into your day-to-day business.


Collaborate with QuantM around PROCESS outsourcing if/when any of the following conditions apply:

  • You are looking to affect your company’s investment mix, shifting from fixed to variable.
  • You require process enhancement and wish to adopt leading practices that are repeatable and deliver consistent, high-quality service.
  • Your process is well-defined with clear understanding of organizational intersections and process dependencies.
  • You expect strong growth and need processes to be both scalable and sustainable.

Examples of PROCESSES that can be outsourced to QuantM delivery centers include:

  • Application development
  • Application support (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Quality assurance
  • Call center
  • Service/help desk


Consider using QuantM delivery centers to outsource discrete PROJECTS that:

  • Are well-defined in scope.
  • Can be managed in a virtual delivery model (via conference calls and web tools), with in-person meetings on an as needed basis.
  • Will benefit from being undertaken by experienced, high caliber consultants that are not distracted by day-to-day organizational conflicts or politics.
  • Will benefit from a partner that can adapt to your processes, tools and methods (rather than requiring your organization to change).
  • Need a cohesive one-team, one-voice approach versus competing delivery models, methods and agendas from multiple partners that are characteristic of traditional staff supplementation models.
  • Need additional capability and talent capacity without increasing headcount to support revenue generating or business-as-usual initiatives.

Examples of PROJECTS outsourced recently to QuantM Expert Talent delivery centers include:

  • Midrange consolidation and virtualization
  • Data center migration
  • Desktop deployment
  • Application discovery and rationalization
  • Storage transformation
  • Decommissioning
  • Contact center
  • Application upgrades
  • Remediation
  • Server patching
  • Data Management
  • IT Security and Virtualization
  • Data Storage and Migration


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