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Fundamentally, a virtual data center is a pool of virtually networked infrastructure designed, implemented, and managed specifically as per the client needs. Clients can leverage server, storage, and computing resources as and when they need, and release them back to the pool if they are no longer needed. Resources can be allocated, accessed and de-allocated in a stable form via a secure portal.

A name of repute in virtual data center services, QuantM has the expertise to plan, deploy, and manage an information infrastructure that offers high-availability, reliability, and business continuity. Our technical experts can ensure that you gain seamless and secure access to the virtual resources without having to worry about the associated capacity.

Essentially, QuantM offers the following virtual data center services:

  • Consulting services to help you setup a cost-effective virtualization environment based on your business needs.
  • Implementation of virtual data centers that are risk-complaint, scalable, and available.
  • Maintenance of your virtual infrastructure to ensure seamless availability of resources.
  • Offerings that integrate your IT applications, systems and processes in a secure virtual environment.
  • Expert guidance to ensure that you make the most of your investment.
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